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The Danny Peurify Scholarship Award will be given to a student who has successfully completed his/her Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior years at Texas Indenpendent Baptist Seminary & Schools The recipient of this award is determined by his/her academic and spiritual achievement as well as Christian character.  The candidates will  be voted upon by the Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools Administration and Mrs. Carole Peurifoy.

The Danny Peurifoy Scholarship Award will be presented at the Commencement Exercises prior to the recipient’s Senior year. The Danny Peurifoy Scholarship is a monetary award to be applied directly to the recipient’s final semester’s tuition.

Contributions to the Danny Peurifoy Schoolarship Fund will prepetuate his legacy of love for Christ and the souls of men.


Danny C. Peurifoy was born in Wortham, Texas, on September 24, 1929, and moved to Longview at the age of three.  He graduated from Longview High School at the age of 16 and attended both Kilgore College and the University of Texas at Austin.  He attained as associates degree in geology.  Danny joined the U.S Air Force and served as honorably as an airplane and engine mechanic.  He spent almost five years stationed in Japan and severd during the Korean War. After serving his country, Danny returned to Texas and worked for Otis Engineering.  He retired from Otis in 1994 after 36½ years, and last worked as the administrative assistant to the vice president of international operations.  This position allowed him to travel around the world twice to teach negotiation skills to clients.  Danny also worked with the family business at Long Leaf Lumber Company, a division of Peurifoy Builders which built many of the homes in Longview, Texas.

Danny C. Peurifoy
September 24, 1929 – January 25, 2011

Danny was an active member of Longview Baptist temple and was passionate about leading others to God’s serving grace.  He dedicated his life to the service of others and worked on a weekly bus route, America For Christ Homeland Missions, where he was able to lead numerous people to chirst.  Even as the battled cancer, he continued to teach others ad touch lives until his passing at the age if 81.  He was a loving husband, father, son  and friend and was beloved and respected by many.

Emily Carstens & Aaron Pledger – 2014
Recipients of the Danny Peurifoy Scholarship Award
(pictured with Mrs. Carole Peurifoy)

Gabrielle Pledger – 2013
Recipient of the Danny Peurifoy Scholarship Award for 2013
(pictured with Mrs. Carole Peurifoy)

Annie Roché – 2012
Recipient of the Danny Peurifoy Scholarship Award for 2012
(pictured with Mrs. Carole Peurifoy)

Brien Taylor – 2011
Recipient of the Danny Peurifoy Scholarship Award for 2011
(pictured with Mrs. Carole Peurifoy)