The Longview Baptist Temple was formally organized in October 1960. 26-year-old evangelist Nihl Bulkley Sr. was called to her first pastor. Over Longview Baptist Temple’s fifty plus years history she has had six pastors.

Nihl Bulkley Sr. 1960 – 1962

Terry Smith 1968 – 1978

Bob Gray Sr. 1980 – 2009

Jerry Smith 1965 – 1968

Larry Webb 1978 – 1980

Bob Gray II 2009 – Present

Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools was founded as Texas Baptist College in 1982 by Dr. Bob Gray Sr. along with the deacons of Longview Baptist Temple and Christian businessman Frank Sturrock. TIBS was established as an institution for “Training Soul-Winning Leaders.” Over the twenty-eight years Dr. Gray Sr. served as a pastor, chancellor, and at times president, the school grew from a first-year enrollment of sixty-five to high enrollment of almost 200. Property was eventually acquired adjascent to the Longview Baptist Temple’s main campus, and buildings were erected for the housing and education of the ever-growing student body.

In 2009, Dr. Bob Gray Sr., resigned as pastor of the Longview Baptist Temple and chancellor and his son, Dr. Bob Gray II, became the sixth pastor of Longview Baptist Temple and second chancellor of Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools. Under Pastor Gray II’s leadership, the church and school continue the founding principles with a renewed vigor and focus.